MachForm - An eForm System for Survey and Data Collection

In order to help users to create electronic forms (eForm) for survey and data collection easily, ITS has introduced an eForm service, MachForm, for all staff and students. MachForm is an web based form builder which is very easy to use. All HKIEd staff and students could create eforms. No application is needed.

There are two MachForm based eForm Systems now. One is for conducting anonymous survey forms which the user identities will not be captured when they submit data for the survey. The other system only allows HKIEd users to access such forms and that their network userid are captured with the submitted data.

To submit data through the form, users just go to the URL of the form through the browser. The data collected will be stored in the Machform systems for the owner of the form to process. For the owner/creator of the form, the data collected will be stored in his/her own repository and only accessible by the owner. With the new systems, creating eForm will be effortless and users can publish their own online forms or surveys to gather information within minutes. No programming experience and no training are required!

Note: users have to login with HKIEd network userid in order to create or edit the survey forms.


Features of the MachForm System

  • MachForm is intuitive, fully web based and easy to use.
  • There are many field types to choose from e.g. text, multiple choice, check boxes, drop down list, etc.

  • Users can design their form in a professional way as easy as drag and drop. It saves you time.
  • Users can duplicate the questions of the form or even the whole form in one step.
  • There are form validation options (“Required” / “No Duplicates”). “Required” rule is available for most form fields which ensure users fill out a particular field. “No Duplicates” rule will verify the data entered into the field is unique and has not been submitted previously.
  • It supports form password so that only those who know the password could submit the form (after users login with HKIEd network userid).

  • It supports CAPTCHA to fence off robot based form submission.

  • Users can export the data collected to an Excel file for further analysis.

  • Users are recommended to limit the number of questions in the form or survey below 100. Otherwise, it will be very slow to edit the form.
  • Below is a sample of an embedded online form created by MachForm with user’s own banner, department name, links, etc.


Creating and Distributing Survey Forms with MachForm

  1. Login (only allows HKIEd users to submit survey data) with HKIEd network userid to create a survey form. For creating anonymous survey forms, please go to .
  2. Send the eForm URL or the website address of the embedded eForm to your target survey participants.
  3. Login to export the participants’ responses for further analysis.

Training video about MachForm

There are video about MachForm on the Internet which is good for self-learning. One such video can be found at


  1. Users should be reminded to avoid any collection of personal data such as HKID, Passport number, credit card information, as far as possible. Please read the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance for details.
  2. Users are reminded to comply with the Institute's Information Security Policy
  3. Form owners are responsible for the housekeeping of the data captured. However, data captured in the system will be purged automatically after three years to save storage space.
  4. Users can also use Google Docs (a service provided by Google) to create anonymous survey form for external users or users without HKIEd network account and password. Training video about creating forms with Google Docs is also available on the Internet. Please visit
  5. Please also see FAQ for more related information.